American Court Services believes that best practices and accountability are critical components in creating successful outcomes for offenders and treatment court participants. Our proprietary web-based solution, holds clients accountable and allows them to participate in their own sobriety and recovery through structured and automated daily contact without increasing agency man hours. We can help your agency put the element of surprise back in “random” drug testing. Why rely on predictable color codes or testing during scheduled appointments when allows supervising officers or case managers to set the frequency of testing for each client based upon risk assessment, known history and information from collaborative agencies? 

Our easy-to-use web application creates true random selection, notifies clients when to report for testing, includes customized pages based upon your agency’s testing methods and fully integrates with most reference laboratories and existing case management systems. Comprehensive compliance reports, meaningful statistical data and the ability to link collaborative agencies to the same client reduces the duplication of services and results in better outcomes.