Thinking for a Change or T4C, is an integrated cognitive behavioral program for offenders, developed by the U.S Department of Justice/National Institute of Corrections. The goal of the program is to create change in both offender thinking and behavior that will in turn lead to a reduction in recidivism, promote positive self and social development and aid offenders in taking control of their lives by taking control of their thinking. Offenders will be referred by the sentencing Judge and/or Adult Parole Authority, screened and placed into the appropriate class as determined by their level of risk as identified by the ORAS. The curriculum is delivered over 25 lessons, the lessons are based from three main components: cognitive self-change, social skills and problem solving skills. The curriculum will be delivered by trained facilitators, two times per week, approximately two hours per day. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in role plays each week, delivering interventions by an explicit step-by-step process for addressing various life challenges and real life situations.