The Specialized Dockets Advisory Committee is attended and chaired by the Specialized Docket Judge and serves as the policy making authority for the Marion County Reentry Court.

Role of the Advisory Committee

The advisory committee is comprised of key officials, policy makers and community stakeholders that provide input on specialized docket policies and operations and communicate regularly with the local community.  As the Marion County Reentry Court has completed all implementation responsibilities, the advisory committee is now focused on post-implementation tasks. 

Post-Implementation Responsibilities

  • Assess specialized docket team functionality, review policies and procedures, and assess the overall functionality of the specialized docket at minimum on an annual basis;
  • Review the target population;
  • ¬†Review use of graduated sanctions and incentives; and
  • Review treatment resources


Representatives on the advisory committee include:

  • Judge Jim Slagle, Specialized Docket Judge – Attends and Chairs all Advisory Meetings
  • Marion County Prosecutor
  • Marion County Adult Probation Department Chief
  • Adult Probation Dept. Reentry Officer
  • Adult Parole officer
  • Local licensed treatment provider
  • ADAMH Board Director
  • Marion County Job and Family Services Director
  • Prison reentry coordinator
  • West Central Community Correctional Facility representative
  • Employment service providers
  • Ex-offender
  • Citizen Circle representative
  • Mid-Ohio Reentry Coalition representative
  • Others who express a commitment to reentry