The goals and objectives of the Marion County Reentry Court are as follows:

  • Goal 1: Improve public safety by reducing future drug related offenses.
    Objective: Reduce the number of criminal offenses committed by ex-offenders who participate in the reentry docket by 25%.  
    Performance Measure:  Compare the number of criminal convictions for offenses committed within three years of release from incarceration by reentry court participants with the number of convictions for offenses committed by participants during the three years immediately prior to their most recent period of incarceration. 
  • Goal 2: To reduce the recidivism rate of ex-offenders.
    Objective: 75% of Reentry Court participants remain out of prison for at least three years after their release from incarceration.
    Performance Measure: Percentage of reentry court participants who are sent to prison within three years of entry into the program.
  • Goal 3:  To have reentry court participants become self-supporting productive citizens.
    Objective:  75% of Reentry Court participant employed six months after release from incarceration.
    Performance Measure:  Percentage of reentry court participants who are employed six months after release from incarceration.

All of this is intended to save tax dollars and provide additional value to the community.  As ex-offenders become productive citizens, they contribute to the community by paying taxes and supporting their families, instead of being a drain on prison, jail, and law enforcement resources.