Funds held in the County Unclaimed Funds account include:
♦ Vendor Payments
♦ Child Support Payments
♦ Proceeds from Sheriff Sales
♦ Restitution Payments
♦ Jury/Witness Fees
Note: The Marion County Auditor’s Office does not hold funds from companies in Ohio. The Ohio Department of Commerce Division of Unclaimed Funds holds these types of funds. You may contact them at 1-877-644-6823.

All claims must have a clear photocopy of the owner’s social security card, AND driver’s license or state identification. Submit the original check(s) IF AVAILABLE. If the owner is a business, a copy of a document showing the company name and tax identification number is required along with documentation proving the individual signing the form is an authorized agent of said business.

FIRST, you must show that the account belonged to the owner (see proof of claim FAQ). SECOND, you must prove that you are the rightful recipient of the funds, and you are legally entitled to claim these funds for the owner. If the owner is incapacitated, proper documentation from the court to show a guardianship, custodial, or power of attorney relationship, and a court order, or permission from the guardian or custodian is required. If the owner is deceased, a copy of the death certificate and letter of authority naming the executor of the estate is required. We will not pay a claim based solely upon a will or death certificate. If a paid, professional finder is claiming the funds, a Power of Attorney signed by the executor is also required. NOTE: The Marion County Auditor’s Office reserves the right to directly contact the owner to confirm a Power of Attorney.