Conveyance Fees for Marion County are currently $2.00 per $1000.00 of the total sale price. Line fees are 50 cents per parcel included in the transfer. The conveyance fee and line fee are added together for the total transfer fee.

In some cases, a transfer may be exempt from conveyance fee. Please click here if you would like to download the Reason for Exemption form to see if your transfer qualifies.


1. Type in the total sale price of the property or properties. Do not use any commas or dollar signs. Prices should be rounded up to the nearest whole dollar (ex: a sale price of $87,601.21 would be entered as 87602).
2. Enter the total number of parcels associated with the sale.
3. If the transfer is exempt from conveyance fees, check the box under Exempt.
4.Click on Compute
5. The amount of fees due will appear in the Total Cost box.

A minimum conveyance fee of $2.00 plus line fees will apply to non-exempt transfers with a sale price of less than $1,000.

Sale Price Number of Parcels Exempt

Line Fee Conveyance fee TOTAL COST

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