Certificate of File$15.00
Salvage Certificate of Title$4.00
Replacement Title (Damaged or Electronic Title)$15.00
Duplicate Title (Lost, Stolen, or Destroyed Title)$15.00
Memorandum Title$5.00
Out of State/VIN Verification$1.50
Archive Fee (Manufactured or Mobile home)$5.00
Late Fee on Title (30 Days)$5.00
Notary Fee$1.00
Lien CancellationNo Fee

Fees payable by cash, check, or money order made payable to Marion County Clerk of Courts. Fees subject to change without notification.

Important Information

  • When you sell your motor vehicle, MAKE SURE the buyers name and address, the purchase price and mileage information are filled out in full before your signature is notarized 
  • Never make any alterations, erasures or use whiteout on a certificate of title. If this is done, the title becomes null and void and a new title will have to be issued. 
  • Your Social Security Number is REQUIRED BY LAW when applying for a certificate of title 

Out of State Titles 

Before you can obtain an Ohio registration and tags you’ll need to convert your out of state title to an Ohio title. 

  • If you’ve purchased your vehicle out of state, you’ll need to get an Out of State Inspection before bringing your properly assigned out of state title to the title office to be transferred. You can get an inspection from the License Bureau or any licensed auto dealer. If your Out of State title doesn’t have a space on it for the price you paid for the vehicle, you’ll also need a bill of sale from your seller. 
  • If you’ve purchased your title from a licensed out of state auto dealer, you’ll need a bill of sale from that dealer whether or not there’s a space on the title for the sale price. If you have purchased a new vehicle and your out of state dealer is providing a Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin rather than an out of state title, you do not require an Out of State Inspection. 
  • If you’re moving into our state from another state and have a title in your possession, you’ll need an Out of State Inspection, and then you can bring your title to the title office and complete your transfer. If your still have your out of state Driver’s License or State ID, we’ll need proof of residence in Ohio, such as a piece of mail, a rental agreement, a purchase agreement, or a written statement from the person you’re living with. 
  • If you’re moving into our state from another state and you don’t have a title because you’re still making payments, you’ll need to contact us at 740-223-4080, so that we can request your title from your lienholder. Please have the following information available:
    1. Name, Address, and Contact Number,
    2. Vehicle’s Year, Make, Model, and Serial Number,
    3. Lienholder’s Name, Address, and Lienholder Phone Number.
  • Once we’ve requested it, it may take up to 6 weeks depending on your lienholder’s procedures, for us to get the title. Once we receive it, we’ll call you and you can get your inspection at that time. Please don’t get your Out of State Inspection until we contact you, telling you we have received your title. Inspections are only good for thirty days. 

Requesting a Duplicate or Replacement Title By Mail 

This option is primarily for people who have moved out of state and require an Ohio title. If you’re close to an Ohio title office, it’s usually much more convenient to simply bring your vehicle info and ID to that title office. 

In the forms section on our website, you’ll find an Application for Title. You’ll need to print this pdf file out and fill out the form. Be sure to include your name and address is the Applicant’s section at the top, as well as the year, make, model and serial number of the vehicle in the bottom section. Not all areas of the form will pertain to what you need. Once you have the pertinent information filled in, you’ll need to sign the application in front of a notary. 

You’ll need a Cashier’s Check or Money Order for $15.00 made out to the Clerk of Courts. We cannot accept personal checks through the mail. 

Send your completed and notarized application, your Cashier’s Check or Money Order for $15.00, and a Stamped Self Addressed envelope to: 

The Marion County Clerk of Courts 
Auto Title Division 
222 W Center St
Marion, OH 43302