Adoption of Local Rules 2020

Order for Temporary Courthouse State vs. Horn Case# 2020CR25 Posted 11-23-2020

Order Withdrawing Temporary Courthouse Case# 2020CR25 Posted 12-11-2020

Order for Temporary Courthouse for Grand Jury Jan 6, 2021 Posted 12-14-2020

Rescind Order 19CR544 & 20CR258

Rescind Order 20CR80

Order for Temporary Courthouse Case# 19CR544

Order for Temporary Courthouse Case# 2020CR80

Order for Temporary Courthouse Case# 20CR258

Order Withdrawing Temporary Courthouse Case# 2020CR080

Order Withdrawing Temporary Courthouse Case# 2020CR258

TEMPORARY ORDER IN RESPONSE TO THE COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS filed 3-18-2020 in the General Division of the Marion County Court of Common Pleas.
We continue to operate in order to protect the public, supervise offenders and administer justice in our community. Please CLICK HERE to View or Download the Order.

Pursuant to the Ohio Supreme Court directives, the Marion County Court of Common Pleas remains OPEN during normal business hours (7:30a.m. to 4:30p.m.) for ESSENTIAL BUSINESS ONLY which includes Scheduled Cases, Required Probation Check-Ins, Time Sensitive Clerk of Court Filings, as well as any emergency filings. MANY MATTERS have been RESCHEDULED. Therefore CALL BEFORE COMING TO THE COURTHOUSE to see if your presence is required. If you are not required to attend, please refrain from entering the Courthouse at this time.

For Probation matters call 740-223-4230
For Clerk of Court matters call 740-223-4270
For matters before Judge Edwards call 740-223-4210
For matters before Judge Warner call 740-223-4221

Fax filing is available and encouraged. Please call the Clerk’s office for details.

A Message from Judge Edwards and Judge Warner

Welcome to the Marion County Court of Common Pleas Website.

Ohio’s first Constitution took effect in 1802 and provided for the creation of common-pleas courts around the state.  The judges on those courts were chosen not by the voters but instead by members of Ohio’s state legislature, the General Assembly. Ohio adopted a new Constitution in both 1851 and then again in 1912.  Under those documents – the latter of which still remains in effect – common-pleas judges were elected by the people rather than being chosen by the General Assembly. The General Division of the Court of Common Pleas has original jurisdiction over all adult felony cases in Marion County as well as any civil cases in which the amount in dispute exceeds $15,000.  The General Division can also issue injunctions and other forms of equitable relief, and it has appellate jurisdiction over decisions of some state and local administrative agencies and boards.

Judges Warren Edwards and Jason Warner were both elected in 2018 to serve six-year terms as judges in the general division of Marion’s Common Plea Court. It is the first time in the history of this court, and possibly in the state, that both judges of a General Division Common Pleas Court were new. It is our pleasure to serve the citizens of Marion County and to bring our judicial philosophy to our community.

If the information you are seeking is not found on this page, please contact the court at the number provided.


Judge Warren T. Edwards
Judge Jason D. Warner

Judge Warren T. Edwards
Judge Warren T. Edwards
Judge Jason Warner
Judge Jason D. Warner

Department Mission Statement

We strive to provide access to the public to this court, transparency to the operation of this court, security to those within it,  due process for all litigants, equal application of the law, accountability to those who are found to have violated the law, fairness and impartiality from the bench, all free from political influence.