Using Adobe Reader to Read, Print, & Save a Map

1.) In Adobe Reader, set the zoom factor to Actual Size, 100% or any other legible zoom factor.

2.) Use the Vertical and Horizontal scroll bars to find the Area of Interest (AOI).

Alternate Method

Select the Pages Tab and move your cursor over the red box indicating the current AOI. While holding down the Left Mouse Button, pan the box up, down, left, or right to set a new AOI. Release the left mouse button when desired AOI is in view.

3.) To print the AOI, select File>Print and then check Current View to print.

4.) To save the map to your pc select File>Save As... and specify the location and name of the map to be saved.

Reading the Tax Map

1.) Property Owners' name shown in Black are the current parcel owners.
2.) Property Owners' name shown in Redreflect a recent change in property ownership.
3.) Tie Marks (Symbolized as "Z") indicate adjacent parcel ownership.

1.) Acreage shown in Black indicates that there is no survey on file in the Marion County Engineer's office and the legal description may be valid for parcel conveyance.
2.) Acreage shown in Green indicates that the legal description is valid for parcel conveyance and a survey is on file with the Marion County Engineer's Office.
3.) Acreage shown in Red indicates that the legal description of the parcel is not valid for parcel conveyance and must be revised prior to next transfer.

Parcel Boundary Lines
1.) Parcel lines colored Black indicate existing parcel boundaries.
2.) Parcel lines shown in Red indicate a recent change in parcel delineation.

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