Our Mission

 In accordance with Ohio Juvenile Law and Procedures, the Marion County Juvenile Detention Center (MCJDC) exists to provide youth committed to detention by the Court, with care, custody, and discipline. To support this basic, but tremendous responsibility, every person employed at the MCJDC must dedicate themselves to the following standards of youth care giving. 

  • To assure the physical and mental well-being of every youth entrusted to our care; and to be alert and perceptive in identifying youth who may require care giving, both physical and psychological, beyond our individual capabilities.
  • To ensure the highest level of security within our facility at all times, always being aware of the security policies and procedures.
  • To commit our every communication or act to the moral and mental training of youth. We will not punish, degrade, belittle, or demean any youth committed to detention. We will urge and expect every youth to strictly adhere to the rules established by the MCJDC point system. We will require respect from every youth and, in return, give respect to them.

In the establishment of discipline and the conduct of every program and activity, the MCJDC acts as a unit, deeply dependent on teamwork and support from all employees, detention officers, and support staff alike. This is essential in providing a consistent, fair, and understandable environment of the youth detained. The Marion County Juvenile Detention Center commits to a goal of providing all youth with not only the experience of positive discipline but also a strong desire to not return to detention.

Achievement of this goal will hopefully provide the end result expected by the public whom we serve: Youths modifying their deviant behavior and becoming functioning, productive, law abiding members of society.

About Our Facility

The Marion County Juvenile Detention Center is a 36 bed facility that can house 24 male and 12 females at any given time. The facility serves all of Marion county, as well as Morrow, Knox, Wyandot, and Crawford counties

Juvenile Detention Center
Recreation Area at Marion County JDC

The Marion County Juvenile Detention Center, also known as the Edward J. Ruzzo Juvenile Detention Center, is a safe and secure environment for youth who have been arrested for an offense, on a warrant or who are serving a sentence imposed by the Court. Detention provides a means of protecting the community from dangerous juvenile offenders and is a place where a self-destructive juvenile can be protected from harming himself or herself. Detention is also a consequence for violating the peace of the community. It allows time for the offender to develop a plan to repair the harm they have caused and to make amends to the victim and the community, to address their risk factors, and enhance their protective factors.


To arrest a juvenile, law enforcement officers must have probable cause to believe the juvenile broke the law or violated the terms of his/her probation. A law enforcement officer can either be a deputy sheriff, city patrol officer, or a probation officer. Sometimes law enforcement officers must have a court order to make an arrest.


Detention is a jail for juveniles. After arresting a juvenile, law enforcement take the juvenile to detention. Staff decide if the juvenile is fit to stay. If a juvenile stays in detention, a judge must review the reason for the arrest based on certain criteria. There must be a court hearing where the judge decides if the juvenile should stay in detention, sets release conditions, and sets the next court hearing date.

Detention has medical, mental health, drug and alcohol, anger management, victim awareness, educational and skill building services available within the county for the incarcerated youth. The Juvenile Detention Center provides nutritious, well balanced meals, a school program, physical exercise, recreational and spiritual programs, and medical services.