Detention Officers

Detention officers are responsible for the leadership and management of the youth population. They ensure that the youth receive the basic needs for food, clothing, personal hygiene, medical attention, and they ensure that the facility in which they live remain clean. They are to set an example for the youth to follow by knowing the policies and procedures of the facility, striving for consistency, and building respect. They maintain the security of the building and surrounding grounds, and promote the safety of the youth and other staff. Other responsibilities include monitoring visits, performing searches, and restraining the youth when necessary. From time to time they act as counselors, intervening during emotional, behavioral, physical and medical crisis. They must prepare and complete various reports such as the shift log, youth admissions and releases, and critical incident reports.

Shift Supervisors

There are four shift supervisors at the MCJDC, each responsible for their respective shift. Betty Bright, Don Leffler, Dustin Prater and Jamiel Christie. The duties of each supervisor is to coordinate and direct the activities of the detention officers, ensure the safety and security of the youth, and the ensure the security of the building, grounds, and staff. They are responsible for enforcing all security policies and ensuring that each youth’s basic needs for food, personal hygiene, clothing, and medical attention are met. Each supervisor prepares and maintains reports, briefs on-coming shift of pertinent information regarding youth behavior and facility operations. Supervisors serve as liaison between management and detention officers, youth, parents, visitors, law enforcement officers, and other persons having business with the detention center. Finally, they conduct training for new employees and proficiency training to officers on their shift.

Support Staff

The Marion County Juvenile Detention Center support staff include the departments of fiscal, food service, and maintenance. It also includes the teachers, nurse, an office manager, and the assistant administrator. Each staff member is responsible for the accomplishment of duties specific to their area of expertise and, when necessary, they aid in other functions outside their area of expertise in order to support of the overall mission of the MCJDC.