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The Prosecuting Attorney is statutory Legal Counsel for Marion County Officials,Boards and Commissions and Legal Advisor to Marion’s 15 Townships and its’ Officials.The Civil Division is responsible for defending or prosecuting lawsuits, assisting the County Treasurer in collecting delinquent taxes, as well as serving as the contact for legal questions that arise on a day to day basis. The Civil Division also advises the Board of Trustees, the Zoning Commission, and the Board of Zoning Appeals in each township.

Information on Delinquent Taxes

  • Please be aware that the county does not own properties that are CURRENTLY in the process of being foreclosed on due to delinquent taxes. Thus, we CANNOT sell property that does not belong to us.
  • We are happy to help property owners set up payment plans regarding delinquent property taxes. However, we do not accept any of the money in regards to the payment plans. Payments are made at the Treasurer’s Office. It is best to contact our office by phone to set up a payment plan and then come to our office to sign the payment plan agreement.
  • We do not maintain a list of individual properties that are being foreclosed on. To access information regarding a parcel of land, please research the property with the auditor’s website.
  • Feel free to contact our office with any other questions.

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