The Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys authorize charges and then oversee all aspects of the prosecution of those cases before a judge or magistrate in the Juvenile Division of the Marion County Court of Common Pleas. The most serious offenses committed by juveniles are reviewed to determine whether a child offender should be tried as an adult.

The Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys strive to achieve the goal of juvenile rehabilitation by balancing the best interests of victims, the community as a whole and that of the delinquent child.

Information about Filing Charges Against a Juvenile

Misdemeanor complaints against juveniles may be requested by private citizens through the intake process. Intakes can be scheduled by calling our office. However, a police report must be made before the juvenile division will review a charge. In addition, should the juvenile division elect to file a charge based upon the information obtained during the intake and/or any subsequent investigation of the matter, the complainant will be required to attest to the accuracy of the information contained in the complaint under penalty of perjury.