A Message to Veterans

We at the Marion County Recorder’s Office would like to thank you for your service to our country.  

Veterans, have you recorded your DD214 military discharge?  The Recorder’s Office can record your discharge at no cost to you.

If you have previously recorded your military discharge papers in the County Recorder’s Office, you may receive a certified copy at no charge.  

It is our suggestion that you keep a copy for your family, because the law restricts the copies the Recorder’s Office can give out.

Due to a 2009 Senate bill, military service records are no longer public record (unless more than 75 years old). However, a veteran may acquire a copy by appearing in person at the Recorder’s Office with a photo I.D.  Or a representative who has original power of attorney for a living veteran may receive a copy.

If the veteran is deceased, an executor or administrator with appropriate evidence from probate court, may receive a copy of the veteran’s discharge.

For more information, or if you have questions, you may call the Marion County Recorder’s Office at 740 223-4100.

Did you Know? The Steps to Recording a Deed

There are 3 steps to recording a deed:

  1. The Engineer’s office will put a stamp on the document approving the legal description.
  2. The Auditor’s office will need a conveyance form, transfer tax, or line fees to place a stamp on the document.
  3. The Recorder’s office will need recording fees to record the document. (Our fees are set by the state.)

Also note the following:

  • That your Deed is for your land if you own a house.
  • That you should already have your Deed whether you have a mortgage or not.
  • That when you pay off your mortgage the document called a “Release of Mortgage” or “Satisfaction of Mortgage” should be recorded with the Marion County Recorder.
  • Easements may not be on the deed but may be a document made by any prior owner.
How to Obtain a Copy of Your Deed

You can come to our office with your property tax card from either the Auditor’s Office or Treasurer’s Office.  This will help us make sure we are getting the correct copy for you, since we need the legal description which is not the same thing as your address.  

 Copies are $2.00 per page.  Most deeds are 1-3 pages.

DO NOT BE TAKEN IN BY SCAMS that may use language such as: “Deed Processing Notice.”  They tell you they can get you a copy of your deed.  The most recent one asked for $83.00.

 Usually it will take less than ten minutes to get a copy of your deed in the Recorder’s office.  We will be happy to help you.