Angela Carbetta, Director

A Message From the Director

Marion County Recycling & Litter Prevention is at your service! We are here to promote green, sustainable living in the Marion area and beyond. Please call anytime to inquire about recycling opportunities, litter prevention activities, senior citizen assistance, environmental education programs for all ages, volunteer opportunities, or to report a litter crime.

This office promotes green products and recycling supplies, but does not endorse any particular business. We are available to do waste audits and assist individuals or businesses who might be in the market for recycling containers, green products, eco-art items, or waste services.


Angela Carbetta

Our Mission

Marion County Recycling & Litter Prevention’s mission is stated in the office title–to promote recycling and prevent litter. Recycling preserves natural resources, saves energy, reduces pollution, conserves landfill space, helps prevent climate change and promotes green industry. Litter prevention is vitial for public health and safety, community pride, and economic growth.