Philip A. Wright P.E., P.S.
Marion County Sanitary Engineer

Philip Wright P.E., P.S. was hired as the Marion County Sanitary Engineer on May 1, 2019 after spending 13 years as Deputy Engineer at the Marion County Engineer's Office. The Marion County Sanitary Engineer is responsible for operation, maintenance and capital planning for all sanitary sewer extensions outside of the areas of the municipal corporation limits of the county. The Sanitary Engineer may also be involved with the project management of economic development projects on an as assigned basis.

Tracy Bennett
Fiscal Specialist

Tracy Bennett was hired in the department on July 23, 2001.  The Fiscal Specialist is responsible for assisting the Sanitary Engineer with the preparation and oversight of the department budget.  Other duties include paying all vendors for the department as well as bi-monthly billing of sewer customers.  The Fiscal Specialist also serves as Prevailing Wage coordinator for any sewer projects.

Anna Lyon
Office Manager

Hired in department October 1989. Office Manager is responsible for overseeing the office, ordering office supplies and handles processing payroll. Assist with Utitility Billing on a bi-monthly basis. The office manager has also served as chairperson of the Village of Caledonia Zoning.

Scott Pierce
Superintendent of Field Operations

Hired November 1994. My Primary responsibility is overseeing the operations and maintenance of 8 POTW's owned by Marion County along with an additional 4 POTW's owned by villages within Marion County. Our depatment also maintains the collections systems for all the Marion County POTW's. We also assist the villages with their collection system maintenance. I am responsible for all data reporting to the Ohio EPA