Marion County Sheriff’s Office Central Dispatch Center Passes Certification

Sheriff Tim Bailey is pleased to announce that the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Central Dispatch Center has passed its 2020 compliance review and continues to be a certified 911 public safety answering point (911 PSAP). 

Under Ohio law 911 PSAPs have to be reviewed by the Ohio Department of Administrative Services 911 Coordinator’s Office for compliance of mandated standards.  Some of these standards include: minimum staffing requirements, minimum training hours, continuing dispatcher education, emergency medical dispatch certification, and possessing the technology to record, process and statistically analyze incoming and outgoing calls.

“I am proud of the sheriff’s office’s communication officers and the job that they do every day”, Sheriff Bailey said. Sheriff Bailey went on to say, “It is very important to me that when you call for assistance in Marion County that a highly trained and qualified dispatcher is on duty ready to quickly send the proper response to help in an emergency. Being certified in emergency medical dispatching means that dispatchers give immediate emergency first aid instructions while an ambulance is still responding.  In some cases this literally can be the difference between life and death.”

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office Central Dispatch Center is responsible for dispatching emergency services to two law enforcement agencies, ten fire departments, two private ambulance services, the dog warden, and the probation department.  Additionally, the dispatch center answers all 911 calls for Marion County as well as the administrative phones for the Marion Police Department and the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.  In 2019 the dispatch center answered 213,181 total calls and 27,539 emergency 911 calls. 

From Left to Right: Dispatcher Patrick Albright, Lt. Jessica Fattig and Sheriff Tim Bailey