The Marion County Sheriff’s Office Auxiliary Unit is a volunteer organization committed to the support of the operation of the Sheriff’s Office. The Auxiliary Unit was established in 1969 and was instrumental in creating the present day Sheriff’s Office aviation program. In addition to their efforts in obtaining the original helicopter, the Auxiliary Unit also built the garage and hanger behind the Sheriff’s Office.

The auxiliary is comprised of men and women whom are interested in law enforcement and in serving their community. Officers in the Auxiliary Unit are sworn Ohio Peace Officers, they are commissioned through the Sheriff’s Office, and are able to enforce the law in Marion County. Auxiliary deputies have the same arrest powers and uniforms as full-time deputies, but they are volunteers and are unpaid. However, some auxiliary deputies serve on special teams within the Sheriff’s Office. Due to their on-the-job experience and training, auxiliary deputies are often considered first for full time employment opportunities.

Some projects that the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Auxiliary Unit have recently completed include: acquired and renovated the Sheriff’s Office command post trailer and purchased Tasers for the Sheriff’s Office. The auxiliary participates in paid special details that fall under the responsibility of the Sheriff’s Office, such as providing security at the Marion County Fair and also participating in the Ohio Department of Youth Services detail (checking on juvenile sex offenders and probationers).

Applications for the Auxiliary Unit are always being accepted. To be considered for an auxiliary deputy position an applicant needs to be: Ohio Peace Officer certified, live within Marion County or an adjacent county, be able to pass a background check and drug test, and be able to serve at least 16 hours a month.

Those interested in becoming a Marion County Sheriff’s Auxiliary can pick up an application at the dispatch window in the lobby of the Sheriff’s Office. Prospective applicants can also send a large self-addressed stamped envelope to the Sheriff’s Office and an application will be mailed to you.