The Marion County Sheriff's Office will be accepting test results for the position of communications officer (dispatcher) at the Marion County Central Dispatch center. Prospective applicants need to click on the picture below to go to the link and scroll down to "Ohio" and then select "Marion" (we recommend that you select multiple agencies). Choose your testing location and then your testing site (cost to take test and apply is $41). There are several testing locations and dates around the state. You then create an account to register to take the test and apply. Starting salary is $17.47/hr ($36,337/year) and top salary is $23.70/hr ($49,296) plus longevity.

Test results are sent to us and we will contact qualified applicants for an interview as positions become available. Test results are considered for 1 year. If you have questions please contact Major Jeff Cline at (740)382-8244 ext. 5123.