On April 28, 2019 at approximately 10:32PM the Marion County Sheriff’s Office responded to the 1400-B of Southland Parkway after receiving several reports of shots being fired. The victim, 29 year old Eric Matthews, was found with a non-life threatening gunshot wound to his leg. Matthews was transported to Marion General and then later to Grant Medical center for treatment.

Marion County Sheriff’s Deputies were told by witnesses that just after the shots were fired they observed a male wearing a black hoodie and dark pants running from where the shots came from and in to a nearby apartment on Southland Parkway. Deputies spoke with the occupants of the apartment, 20 year old Reagan Cook and 23 year old Javon Gray, and questioned them about the incident. Due to inconsistencies in their stories, deputies received permission to search the apartment.

While conducting the search, deputies located 23 year old Marshall Talley Jr. hiding in an upstairs bedroom under a pile of clothes. Talley was similarly dressed as the person seen fleeing the scene of the shooting. Additionally, when deputies checked Talley for weapons they located a concealed 9mm handgun in one of his pockets.

Reagan Cook, Javon Gray and Marshall Talley Jr. were all arrested out of this incident. This case will be forwarded to the Marion County Prosecutor for formal criminal charges.





Reagan Cook (20 years old)                                                                     

1440 Southland Parkway

Marion, Oh 43302

Arrested for Felony Obstructing Justice



Javon Gray (23 years old)

1140 Southland Parkway

Marion, Oh 43302

Arrested for Felony Obstructing Justice & Complicity to Attempted Murder



Marshall Talley Jr. (23 years old)

1179 Bermuda Drive

Marion, Oh 43302

Arrested for Attempted Murder & Having Weapons While Under Disability