"Welcome to the Marion County Sheriff's Office Website. As Sheriff of Marion County, Ohio, I hope that you find this site both useful and informative. The men and women of the Sheriff's Office are personally committed to providing the citizens of Marion County the best in law enforcement services."

- Sheriff Tim Bailey


Sheriff Bailey is happy to announce Christmas at the Dog Pound has begun for 2016. Beginning today through December 24th all dogs available for adoption will be available for the cost of dog tags only which are sixteen dollars. Please visit the dog pound if you are interested during Dog Pound business hours now through December 24th, 2016.  

Hours for the Dog Pound

Mondays  10am to 6pm
Tuesdays  10am to 6pm
Thursdays  10am to 6pm
Fridays  10am to 6pm
Saturdays  10am to 4pm


Current scams running through Marion County

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office has received information from some residents that they have received phone calls from individuals that are apparent scams. The following are two of the most common scams being used right now and some tips to help everyone avoid becoming a victim.

The IRS scam:

In this scam, the victim is contacted by an individual claiming they work for the IRS. That person tells them they owe money to the IRS and will need to pay it immediately or criminal action will be taken. They then tell the victim to either wire money using Western Union or Money Gram, send money through the mail, deposit money into an account or place money on a pre-paid card and provide the card number to the caller. In all cases, after sending this money, the scammer will contact with victim again asking for more money. This will continue until the victim refuses to send more money. The IRS will not normally contact you by phone. They will do so through mail. They will never have an individual use any of the above methods to pay them. They also will never threaten criminal action if payment is not made immediately.

Family member needs bail money:

In this scam the victim is contacted by telephone and advised a loved one has been arrested. The scammer often poses either as that loved one or a law enforcement official having contact with the loved one. The scammer will explain the loved one was arrested. They then say they need money for bail. The scammer will have the money wired to them. In this case it is best to make sure your loved one is in fact at the place the scammer claims. Make contact with other family members and see if anyone knows where said loved one is. Also, ask for the specific name of the jail and try to contact the jail after disconnecting with the caller. Finally, a jail will not have a family member wire bail money through Money Gram or Western Union. This is a sure sign it is a scam.

The Sheriff's Office, Police Department and IRS will not call and collect money over the phone. If they ask you for account information or to send money it is a scam. If you have questions please call the Marion County Sheriff's Office 740-382-8244 or the Marion City Police Department 740-387-2525 before sending any money.



The Marion County Sheriff's Office will be accepting test results for the position of communications officer (dispatcher) at the Marion County Central Dispatch center. Prospective applicants need to click on the picture below to go to the link and scroll down to "Ohio" and then select "Marion" (we recommend that you select multiple agencies). Choose your testing location and then your testing site (cost to take test and apply is $41). There are several testing locations and dates around the state. You then create an account to register to take the test and apply. Starting salary is $17.47/hr ($36,337/year) and top salary is $23.70/hr ($49,296) plus longevity.

Test results are sent to us and we will contact qualified applicants for an interview as positions become available. Test results are considered for 1 year. If you have questions please contact Major Jeff Cline at (740)382-8244 ext. 5123.



Sheriff Tim Bailey and Marion Township Fire Department Chief Ben Meddles are pleased to report the arrest this morning of a male suspect for setting a fire last night in the 1300 block of State Route 309 East.  Since September 21th, 2016 the Marion Township Fire Department has responded to four reported fires in the same area that were set under suspicious circumstances.  Today, Detectives were investigating last night’s fire. They viewed video surveillance from area businesses and were canvassing the area when they located a male subject walking that they had observed in the video.  Detectives observed and collected evidence on the suspect that corroborated their suspicions.  “This is a case of good detective work and being in the right place at the right time. I’m pleased an arrest was made so future fires won’t be set.” Sheriff Bailey stated

  Arrested was 63 year old, Charles William Akers (150 Sara Avenue, Marion) for last night’s arson.  This case will continue to be investigated and it and the other incidents will be sent to the prosecutor’s office for formal charges once the investigations are complete.



Trick-or-Treat 2016

Sheriff Bailey and his staff had a great time at trick or treat tonight. Thanks again to Whirlpool for donating the candy to hand out. Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Halloween!


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Have You Seen This Person?

Marion County Sheriff Tim Bailey is seeking the public’s help in identifying the skeletal remains of a female located in northeast Marion County on March 10th, 2007.


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