County Treasurers, who are elected to four-year terms, serve as the County Banker, County Investment Manager, Tax Collector and Safekeeper of all taxes.


Basic Responsibilities include:

  • Collection of local taxes, most noted are Real Estate and Personal Property. Also includes, tax on Manufactured Homes, Estate, Hotel/Motel & Special Assessments.
  • Safekeeping of taxes collected for subdivisions such as schools, cities, townships and villages.
  • Recieves all monies collected by other County Departments.
  • Preparation of daily and monthly statements of funds submitted to the County Auditor, which are subject to annual review by the State Auditor.
  • Cash manager & leader in fiscal management & accountability.
  • Investor of all county monies, providing best return in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code.
  • Is furnished the highest bond in the county.

Serves as a member on the following boards:

Investment Advisory Board

Provides board with financial data, investment portfolio status, financial forecasting and current and future interest schedules.

Board of Revision

Has oversight of complaints filed by property owners who feel their values are too high.

Budget Commission

Reviews budgets submitted by local subdivisions.

Data Processing Board

Assessment of computer hardware/software needs of all county departments.


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