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Public Record Request Policy

In compliance with Ohio Sunshine Laws and ORC § 149.43 (E) (2), this public document summarizes public record policy in our county.  It’s the public’s right to request Public Records, and it’s our responsibility to give the public that information as a public office. Although we hold a legal responsibility to do so, we also honor our ethical responsibility to serve the public, and our personal desire to help people in every way possible within the legal boundaries of our office.

What Records May Be Requested? Public records are records kept by any public office, up to and including paper and digital record. Some personal or sensitive information is protected by ORC §149.43 (E) (2). All information not protected by ORC §149.43 (E) (2) is considered Public Record.

How Can I Request Information? Requests of information can be by phone, mail, e-mail or in person. Most records can be viewed online, at either Marion County Clerk of Courts or The Ohio BMV .  The scope of the request can affect how the request is submitted.

What If My Records Search Is Denied? If the information is deemed protected based on §149.43 (E) (2) you will receive an oral explanation, and a written Notice of Denial if you request it.

Does a Record Request Cost Money? In many cases no, if a piece of information is required that can be done at no cost. If redaction, copying of paper or other media, or other forms of materials are required, the cost of those materials and equipment will incur a charge. If very large-scale reproduction of materials is required, an outside contractor may need to be hired and that cost would go to the requestor.

How Long Does It Take? For the most part, it doesn’t take very long. We will always strive to be prompt during business hours. Very large requests would require longer, but we will always do so within a reasonable time period. There may also be instances in which portions of documents would need redacted, or a legal review of documents may need to take place to determine what portion is Public Record.

I Have Other Questions…  We’re here to help. Call, drop by, or check our online resources.

Marion County Clerk of Courts,
Legal Division
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Marion County Clerk of Courts,
Title Division
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Marion, OH 43302
Ohio’s Sunshine Laws
Public Record § 149.43 (E) (2)
Marion County Clerk of Courts Website
Ohio Department of Public Safety

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